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Balanced Extra Flat (BEF) Weave

Balanced Extra Flat Weave

The Furnace Belt Company is proud to be the innovator and global leader of the Balanced Extra Flat (BEF) Weave.

When sourcing solutions for your new High Temperature Woven Steel Conveyor Belting, it pays to choose the new Balanced Extra Flat (BEF) Weave over typical Balanced (B) Double Balanced (DB) Weaves and Flattened Wire Weaves (BFS).

What is BEF?
Balanced Extra Flat Weave refers to belting manufactured using our revolutionary technology. Belts being manufactured using this technology have a near perfect geometry resulting in a substantially lower profile optimizing belting performance and belt life at a reduced cost.

Why use BEF?
The benefits are incredible! The BEF belts do not stretch or camber as much as traditional weaves in high temperature applications. There are huge savings to be found in reduced maintenance costs, with less need for shortening a stretched belt and less equipment downtime to perform those painful, but necessary, maintenance activities. More good news! The BEF weave also provides a more uniform surface right from the start and comes with a knuckled and welded edge as a standard feature. It can also be manufactured with a laddered edge finish for maximum edge reinforcement.

Where BEF Should be used?
Initially the BEF Weave was developed to concentrate on the Heavy Duty High Temperature applications where the benefits were the greatest. Since then it has grown to service other industries with a wide range of applications. This technology is continually evolving allowing for new specifications to be developed.

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