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What Our Customers Are Saying

The Furnace Belt Company have proven themselves to be an important partner of ours - their responsiveness has, on several key occasions, meant the difference between success and failure. Fulfilling our promise of on time deliveries helps us keep our clients, and then their customers, happy and productive without any down time.
Mike S.

Building specialty metal conveyor belts - and doing it right on every single order-is a talent. There is a wealth of knowledge and experience that goes into every piece they produce. The pro-active problem solvers at Furnace Belt bring their very best to work every day. They've worked hard to distinguish themselves in this niche industry.
Bruno M.

When we needed someone with international experience, we knew who to call. Technically astute and always willing to do more than was ever asked for, Furnace Belt is a company we've have had a long association with. Having a tried and true resource is a competitive advantage.
Michelle B.

We just got jammed with a complex and challenging project. In consultation with Dante and his team, we developed a strategy and a tactical plan that actually allowed us to hit a home run for our client. When you work with Furnace Belt, you see the difference that dedication and passion can make.
Samuel Y.