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Furnace Belt Company in Conjunction with GKN Sinter Metals - BOSS Magazine

June 2018

Furnace Belt Company is on display as a world leader manufacturer of high effieciency woven metal conveyor belting in the GKN Powder Metallurgy article in the June 2018 edition of BOSS Magazine.

GKN Powder Metallurgy Brochure

You Now Have A New Option!

The Furnace Belt Company is Proud to Introduce Balance Extra Flat (BEF) Weave

When sourcing solutions for your High Temperature Woven Steel Conveyor Belting-it pays to choose the new Balanced Extra Flat (BEF) Weave over any other Weave.

What is BEF?
Balanced Extra Flat Weave refers to revolutionary technology used to produce the flattest belt profiles on the market today. The BEF profile or belt thickness is based upon two (2) Spiral Wire Diameter and one (1) Cross Rod Wire Diameter - and has just a hair of clearance to allow the Mesh to be properly assembled.

Why use BEF?
The benefits are incredible! The BEF does not STRETCH, or CAMBER, anywhere near the amount that you would see with Standard Weave high temperature applications. There are huge savings to be found in reduced MAINTENANCE costs - with LESS need for shortening a stretched belt and LESS equipment downtime to perform those painful, but necessary, maintenance activities. All BEF belts come standard with a knuckled and welded edge reinforcing the welds when the belt does eventually stretch and camber.

Where Should BEF be used?
As part of its evolution, BEF belts can now be supplied with a laddered edge. With its lower maintenance downtime, due to reduced stretching and value added features, like a knuckled and welded edge, the BEF should be your first choice for all high temperature applications. This process is constantly evolving and we are continually developing more specifications, providing our customers with larger variety of BEF selections.

We've been your trusted source since 1972. Talk to us and explore what BEF could bring to your application by calling us toll-free at 800.354.7213. Or, reach us by email at